This doctor's beautiful home is in Hendersonville, Tennessee. We were able to assist her in getting a full roof replacement at no cost to her. Contact info available upon request.

Shell Road in Hendersonville, TN

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Hendersonville, TN

Dickson, TN

On this project, we upgraded the roof from a three-tab, 25 year shingle, to a 30 year, Owens Corning Architectural shingle. We worked directly with Church Mutual Insurance to get the claim approved. We also did Pastor Rayford's personal home, and also her daughter's personal home as well. These ladies were a pleasure to work with and even though the church was a tough claim to work with, we got the job done. In the end, everyone was happy with the results.

(Above) This was one of our first projects, years ago. We upgraded the home from a 25 year, 60 mph, three tab shingle, to a 30 year, 130 mph, architectural shingle by Owens Corning. Also updated was the retractable awning to a permanent standing covered porch.

After (Front)

Hendersonville, TN

Pastor:Shirley Rayford

Braden United Methodist Church

On this beautiful home in Kingsport, Tennessee, we matched the top gutters with the roof, and the downspouts with the white exterior of the house to blend gutters with the roof and home colors. We installed a Tamko Woodgate series shingle on the home.

Stove pipe

We installed a GAF Weather Wood Architectural HD series shingle on this beautiful home in Farmington, Missouri.

On this cozy home in Dickson, Tennessee, we upgraded the roof from a 20 year shingle to a beautiful, Master Rib style metal roof. We also installed the stove pipe from the kitchen, through the attic and out the top of the roof for the customer's wood burning stove. This prevented the customer from having to drill through the side of his home. We have installed many standing seam and classic and master rib roofs.